The Mirage is a 3,044 room Polynesian-themed casino resort located on the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada, United States. The resort was built by developer Steve Wynn and is currently owned and operated by MGM Resorts International.

The original marquee sign in front of the Mirage is the biggest free-standing marquee in the world. The resort is linked by a totally free tram to the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino neighboring the hotel’s property to the north.
The Mirage was built on a portion of the site previously occupied by the Castaways, which closed in 1987 to include the new resort.

The Mirage was built by developer Steve Wynn and designed by architect Joel Bergman and interior designer Roger Thomas. Landscape architect Don Brinkerhoff worked on an artificial volcano located in front of the resort.

The Mirage was proposed with a preliminary cost of $565 million. Investor Michael Milken helped fund the job by offering $525 million worth of home mortgage bonds. The Mirage was the first resort that was developed with the cash of Wall Street through making use of junk bonds.

The task went over budget plan, and was the most expensive hotel-casino in history, with a construction cost of US $630 million. The hotel’s unique gold windows get their color from real gold dust used in the tinting procedure.

The Mirage’s construction is considered notable because Wynn had set a new requirement for Vegas resorts, and is widely considered to be the father of today’s Las Vegas. Prior to The Mirage’s opening, the city was experiencing a decrease in tourist that started in the 1970s, particularly around the time that the state of New Jersey legalized gaming and tourists (in particular those on the East Coast) started to regular the casinos of Atlantic City.

Likewise, this was a time when Las Vegas was no longer considered a fashionable destination, so a brand-new, prominent, project was required to jump-start the ailing market. Wynn planned for the resort to include boxing matches to compete against the Las Vegas Hilton and the nearby Caesars Palace.

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